[experienced sports crus is thick how to do] how does _ crus thick _ move – of _ motion method

[experienced sports crus is thick how to do] how does _ crus thick _ move – of _ motion method

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The person of Yo can have a common fault is crus then the meeting is thicker, need crus to send force when having all sorts of campaign because of people, the nuclear cardiac muscle that crus regards human body as group the action to human body is very big, crus muscle is more its also can be jumped over thick, but a lot of people do not like thick crus, want to take a few step its attenuate, is crus of so experienced sports thick it how do is OK to how do Where is attenuate?

Experienced sports crus is thick how to do

As a result of motion hefty leg, if motion is insufficient, muscle is reached between muscle above can arise adipose. The person that exerts oneself to do sth. leg ministry becomes very hard, than the person that real weight looks thin, or it is brawny, hold fleshy person not easily with the hand, try to notice in the following respect: Alleviate above all through massaging muscle is nervous, decrease make do not have oxygen motion heftily, do more some go quickly, the motion having oxygen of natant and so on, athletic hind should eliminate sarcous insecurity through massaging, this bit is very important.

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Go how quickly even if jump,reach

Go much more quickly, much more vertical jump, carry more leg; sits less, stand less, crouch less, take much campaign more. Can circulate in order to prevent lower limbs blood so not free, ministry letting a leg looks not swollen swollen.

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Chronically on tiptoe

In each likelihood when on tiptoe when waiting for a car for example, on when stair, wait a moment when workshop is unoccupied place. Come down for a long time to be able to discover not only crus becomes slender, connect an ankle fine all the more also.

Not lift up cross-legged or with ankle on knee

Lift up cross-legged or with ankle on knee, this meeting brings about crus dropsy, affect leg ministry line badly.

Reduce weight movement:

Movement one, drawing of every side leg 2, every time 20 seconds.

This movement not only can drawing crus, OK still the side after our ham mixes drawing coxal. The ministry of that side leg of drawing maintains unbend, tiptoe is ticked off case, as far as possible drawing our crus. Another side leg bends, maintain loosen can.

Experienced sports crus is thick how to do

Movement 2, drawing 2, every time drawing 20 seconds

Double leg maintains unbend, if flexibility is not particularly good, knee can bend slightly, but tiptoe must be ticked off rise.

Movement 3, drawing of every side leg 2, every time 20 seconds

This is the drawing of dynamic crus, tiptoe is ticked off rising is drawing. Dynamic drawing 20 can. A side leg that prop up maintains unbend or knee small Qu Dou is OK. If the body does not have method to keep stable, can rely on on the wall to do.

Movement 4, drawing of every side leg 2, every time 20 seconds

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Crus of the side after this movement drawing arrives. Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Notice two sole want completely dependable floor, especially hind side sole, must step on-the-spot face, calcaneal does not leave the area.

Movement 5, drawing 2, every time 20 seconds

Experienced sports crus is thick how to do

This movement inspects individual flexibility and be decided, flexibility is good, the palm as far as possible touchdown. Flexibility is bad, but need not touchdown, the condition that should experience crus to be spun only can.

Want to let crus attenuate, must notice to want every day drawing and massage crus, loosen crus muscle. Additional, if body is adipose too thick, still should reduce weight so, meeting reducing weight lets crus whole attenuate. In the meantime, notice delicate food even, prevent adipose accumulation.


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