The Guo Yu after losing a ball’s girl cries 2:3 of lachrymal person Guo YuLose Korea line

The Guo Yu after losing a ball’s girl cries 2:3 of lachrymal person Guo YuLose Korea line

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Female singer of reporter of Xinhua News Agency firelights or sunlight

25 years old, the Lu Kai of 93 is defeated by height 1 rice sign deeply after the ball, tear seizes the socket of eye and go out, and smaller than him Huang Yaqiong of 3 years old bears tear by force also to hide to TV to cover scene besides. This is complete this year to be in flower open competition wins the young combination that mixes Shuang Guanjun, in 28 days 2017 Su Di the decide the issue of the battle with China of graceful cup final and last Korea dish 0: 2 be over be defeated at Korea adversary, total score of final Guo Yu 2: 3 suffer a defeat, fail to come true revive cup 7 Lian Guan’s dream.

Be in likewise this final, fu Haifeng and partner Zhang Nan took the first minute firmly for Guo Yu together, this veteran of 33 years old after contest says frankly, this is oneself last international match. Go 10 years, be Lin Dan, Fu Haifeng player of generation of this batch of gold brings an another champion cup for Guo Yu.

Current revive cup, expedite 爱上海同城手机版

at the Guo Yu of new old alternant level old in the battle array of young couple. Stand fast sea peak maintains the Lin Dan of competition ground, teach to be gotten the better of completely, yu Dinghai of feel no regret is magical needle, the dragon of a surname of Olympic Games champion of Mesozoic Era and Zhang Nan also proved him, and attend first revive of the cup numerous under the weigh that new show surpasses final examination in the organization, although have window, but more reveals a problem, this is the price that young need pays.

This is a times leave. In the past in 24 years, chinese team go on an expedition 6 Olympic Games capture card of 18 gold nugget, obtain Shangmusi 5 times 10 champion of cup champion, cup of 9 You Bai, Su Di graceful cup champion. And after carry meets Liyaoao, guo Yu undertakes changing blood greatly, female sheet,上海千花网论坛

female double, mix double a batch of veteran are exited, let Guo Yu originally advantage p上海同城对对碰交友社区爱上海同城论坛

roject actual strength is damaged, this finals is cent is lost on these 3 individual event.

This is the open of a times. Hold the post of singles and doubles bishop newly to drill Xia Xuan lustre and Zhang Jun are shown to people piece face field commanding boldness and the resolution that exercise new talent. National feather the Cenozoic Era also enters arena with his means, 3: 2 force overcomes the semifinal of team of strong opponent Japan, chen Qingchen of female double young general overcomes her quickly to mix pair of shadows that suffer a defeat in first, with the partner Gu Yifan took decide the issue of the battle together dish, help final of body of national 上海千花网

feather ascend; Liu Yuchen of Li Junhui / also is in male double young general bully gas ground takes next male double keys to divide after 1 of semifinals total score is smooth, through making such tough fight, the experience that they gain and confidence cover are sufficient precious.

Meanwhile, the problem of young team member also is exposed without involuntary discharge of urine. Attend first revive the Sun Yu of female odd floret of the cup and He Bingjiao suffer a defeat entirely in semifinals and final, and be defeated so that be without disposition. Mix Chen Qingchen of / of thinking of double world first Zheng to be defeated by two repeatedly, the circumstance with outer battle so outstanding achievement issues Huang Yaqiong of / of Lu Kai of another double to mixing combination not enemy Korea is young combination, fail to defend champion for Guo Yu, the brutal sex that the organization surpasses all is shown without more than.

Next year Guo Yu will greet soup blame cup, glide in the round as female line, national feather female team wants cup of Wei Mian blame easier said than done. Already successive two desertion although the Guo Yunan team of soup cup has a famous general to press blast, but more test comes from at psychological level. Any champion have when stepping down the stage that receive award, to young Guo Yu, once brilliant already became the past, prospective road still falls in the foot.

Go up century at the beginning of 90 time, the Guo Yu at that time is immersed in old team member to retire likewise, the situation that does not come on new personality, li Yongbo took up the post of deputy total coach 1993 (did not set total coach at that time) , begin to begin to foster the Gu Jun of Ge Fei / , Xie Zhao glume, Dong Jiong, young team member such as Sun Jun, drill team also undertakes changing blood greatly. Although be in,Shangmusi lost Yumalaixiya on cup contest 1994 the team fails to enter finals, female team desertioned the You Bai cup that holds 10 years, and finals is entered without in on the Asia Game when annual bottom 7 project, dan Guoyu did not abandon, the Indonesian team that period of at the height of power and splendour will be in 1995 after undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one’s resolve to do sth draws get down from a horse, carry off first on the history revive cup. 1996 on Atlanta Olympic Games, gu Jun of Ge Fei / carries off for Guo Yu again gold of the first Olympic上海千花网龙凤论坛

Games. Guo Yu moves toward summit summit at this point

The situation that Guo Yu faces nowadays resembles extremely that time, but present circumstance is far not in those days so flooey, new old alternant labour pains period exist admittedly, but the Korea team that changes blood likewise got surprise effect this, also tell young Guo Yu: Want to drop a load only, also can expect to seize Su Di again graceful cup that momently!


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