[? Children protects eye cookbook] – of child of _ children _

[? Children protects eye cookbook] – of child of _ children _

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Article introduction

The eye is exceedingly important to a person, when if be in daily life,using electronic product, bring about myopia very easily without the eye that notices his, because this is contemporary,the occurence rate of social myopia also is taller and taller. And now of electronic product gain ground, brought about myopia to be in children the occurence rate in this crowd also is taller and taller. Because ofA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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This a lot of parents protect the eye of own child to having very big worry to how, what does the cookbook that shields an eye about children so have?

Children protects eye cookbook

“The eat that shield an eye ” A: Medlar pumpkin is miscellaneous rice congee

Raw material: Medlar, pumpkin 150 grams, millet 50 grams, chinese rhubarb rice 50 grams, water 4 bowls.

Make a way: Medlar is abluent, pumpkin goes crustaceous part, cut Xiaoding. Millet and pan of Chinese rhubarb rice are clean, put in arenaceous boiler together, small fire is boiled make 40 minutes can edible, or with pressure cooker boil ripe.

Nutrition comments on: Element of cream-colored of the lutein in raw material, jade and Hu Luobo element are very rich, mouthfeel is sweet and soft. The hot congee that drinks yellow of such a bowl of gold raises a stomach to raise a key point again already.

“The eat that shield an eye ” B: A thick soup of milk of Chinese flowering quince of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Luo Bo

Former1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Makings: Moustache collect predicts half, papaya half, milk 500 grams, white sugar a few.

Make a way: Hu Luobo, Chinese flowering quince first evaporate is ripe, hit into the oar with soya-bean milk machine next (or with ladle pulverize) , mix with milk, add a few white sugar can edible. Attention, papaya must mix with milk after evaporate is ripe, otherwise the enzymatic meeting in papaya lets milk condense, produce acrid peptide.

Nutrition comments on: Have natural sweet taste, mouthfeel is first-rate. Those who need an attention is a stomachSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The frail, easy diarrhoea, person that produces gas had better not drink bowel more.

“The eat that shield an eye ” C: Medlar happy fruit soya-bean milk

Raw material: Happy fruit 1, soya bean 25 grams, medlar 1.

Children protects eye cookbook

Make a way: Medlar is abluent, happy fruit hull and skin, soya bean shifts to an earlier date bubble overnight. Add water 1000 milliliter, hit into soya-bean milk together with soya-bean milk machine can drinkable.

Nutrition is commented on1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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: Happy fruit is content of element of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Luo Bo is higher kind in nut, soya bean also contains a few Hu Luobo element, cooperate to contain a lot ofthe medlar of jade cream-colored element with them, among them grease can promote element of cream-colored of Hu Luobo element and jade absorb.

Children protects eye cookbook ()

Group of rice of shelled fresh shrimps

Feed capable person:

Vinegar of department of rice, corn broken bits, vivid shrimp, birthday, Hai Tai each are right amount


1, broken bits of rice, corn is abluent, enter electric rice cooker, add right amount water. Boil rice to reserve.

2, vivid shrimp reserves. Open from shrimp head a side, purify shrimp line1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, shrimp bowel. Leave last shrimp end and shrimp carapace not to pare, join cooking wine, pepper bloats tasty, enter boiler scald next ripe.

3, the meal of food grains other than wheat and rice that has cooked, put cool control to 40 degrees, join birthday department vinegar, mix is even.

4, take right amount rice, the shop is in last on film.

5, the inter puts a shrimp meat. ProtectForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Little film stops a circle, end leaving shrimp is outer edge, hold close. Careful take out lasts film, group of rice of a shelled fresh shrimps has been done.

Effect: Precautionary nyctalopia

β carotene can become vitamin A in the change inside body. Accordingly, the fruit vegetables of the carotene that contain β is the good origin of vitamin A. Vitamin A is the important raw material that makes a sensitive material, vitamin A is enough, what can increase canthus film is bright and clean degree, make the eye has a mind brightly. Conversely, can cause cornea epithelial fall off, add thick, cutin to change, make so clear and transparent cornea becomes punch-drunk like frosted glass, bring a nyctalopia, cataract even

Wait for eye disease.

Contain a lot ofβ the food of carotene: Carrot, spinach, pumpkin, yam, cauliflower, mango.

Carrot corn is little egg cake

Feed capable person:

Sweet corn 1 root, wheaten flour 100 grams, carrot 2, egg 2, salad oil right amount, salt shallot is right amount, right amount


1, sweet corn pares bead reserves, carrot cuts Xiaoding, shallot cuts end.

2, right amount oil is put in boiler, play corn bead and carrot man, break up fry 3-4 minute, to ripe.

Children protects eye cookbook

3, in will frying ripe corn bead and carrot man to load big bowl.

4, add 2 eggs, mix divide evenly, join 3-4 spoon flour, chopped green onion, transfer into right amount salt, mix divide evenly.

5, after boiler low-grade fever, dip removes one spoon panada, perpendicular, slowly add pot in, form a circle with respect to meeting nature. Small fire simmer in water comes panada is caky, search an area, continue decoct comes squashy can.

Effect: Make vision clearer

The retina in eyeball and optic nerve contain rich DHA, however, our human body cannot synthesize this kind of fatty acid by oneself. Proper and compensatory DHA can let a vision more acumen, make eyesight clearer. In addition, DHA also is cerebral ministry nerve yuan important composition composition.


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