[clear irascibility drinks what tea] how does _ drink tea _ how dietotherapy –

[clear irascibility drinks what tea] how does _ drink tea _ how dietotherapy –

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The harm of irascibility flourishing is very great, scarcely can be small gaze, some patients like to be treated through medicaments therapeutics, it is medicine 3 minutes nevertheless poison, had better use dietotherapy law to undertake ameliorative, effect of common a few scented tea is pretty good, for instance chrysanthemum tea, green tea, definitely tea of pine torch tea, sweet candy black tea, medlar is optimal choice; should have campaign appropriately additionally, enhance oneself immunity power.

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, chrysanthemum tea

Small suffering of chrysanthemum tea flavor, can come loose cold clear heat, clear liver bright eye. The person that does not know way to do sth can choose flower white clear and big chrysanthemum, actually small ugly and the chrysanthemum with color yellow extensive is instead go up anthology. Drink chrysanthemum tea, need not add other tea, will dry the chrysanthemum bubble water after or boil will drink can.

With chrysanthemum 10 grams, medlar 5 grams, put boiler to add water decoction to become tea together. Suit irascibility exuberant, occurrence dizziness head goes up, tinnitus, eye is painful etc the symptom is drinkable.

2, green tea

Green tea flavour suffers from a gender slightly cold, have pass the time in a leisurely way heat of hot, disappear, alexipharmic, reduce internal heat, fall dry, stop thirsty, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the function with strong life-giving heart. Green soup of green tea greenery, qing Xianshuang mouth, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Cold flavour, contain a lot ofvitamin, amino acid, mineral nurturance waiting for battalion to divide, the already disappear heat solves heat meritorious service of drink, have the effect that adds nutrition again. In green tea spring tea is when the character in a year is best, the new tea that appears on the market in around of Pure Brightness, Grain Rain especially, pass one winter nutrition1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Accumulate, the battalion nurturance such as amino acid, protein divides the dissociate inside tea content is enough, the aroma of tea, flavor very bright. Nevertheless, green tea slants slightly cold sex, taste weakling cannot many and drinkable, lest the injury reachs taste.

Clear irascibility drinks what tea

3, definitely pine torch tea

Definitely pine torch sex is small cold, the tea that bubble gives has light green grass sweet, taste is bitterer, to the person with old irascibility, be fall igneous effective prescription, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain of heat of main Qing Dynasty, dredge. Fry single ingredient definitely pine torch, direct make tea is drinkable, till boiled water is colorless. Contemporary pharmacodynamics considers to think, definitely pine torch contains a lot ofelement of Chinese rhubarb phenol, pieplant, definitely the composition such as bright element, have step-down, combat bacterium and the effect that reduce cholesterol.

4, sweet candy black tea

Pour bubble black tea, move right amount honey, brown sugar according to individual taste again. Everyday anteprandial drink 1 times, can Wen Zhong raises the stomach, drive that protect liver cold, suit irascibility flourishing, taste function not beautiful person.

Clear irascibility drinks what tea

5, medlar tea

Medlar contains rich carotene, c of vitamin B1, vitamin, have effect of kidney of filling liver, beneficial, bright purpose1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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. Can make tea is drinkable, still can alleviate eyestrain and acerb.


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