[what is the practice measure of acetic bubble carrot? ] – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make

[what is the practice measure of acetic bubble carrot? ] – of practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make

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Article introduction

In daily life, we can eat very multi-purpose of carrot make it do not have a thing, for instance carrot fries shredded meat, carrot to fry carrot of agaric, cold and dressed with sause to wait a moment, these cate not only delicious, and be special health, because eat carrot to be able to complement a variety of precious nutrition such as vitamin, protein, carotene, doing not have a thing for what everybody recommends today is acetic bubble carrot. Detailed practice is as follows.

What is the practice measure of acetic bubble carrot?

The practice of acetic bubble carrot:


Cup of Jiang Si 1/4, cup of white vinegar 1/5, fine saccharic 1 greatly spoon


1, white vinegar and divide evenly of of fine saccharic agitate;

2, appreciably of rejoin ginger silk immerses, make tasty can.

Embellish bowel aperient

Extract juice together with carrot and celery drinkable, contain rich vitamin and prandial fiber, have B1, the vitamin such as B2, can balance nutrition, benefit is mixed at the absorption of human body digest, drank the action with aperient bowel having profit, green health, to the child especially effective!

What is the practice measure of acetic bubble carrot?

Material: Celery, carrot, lemon

Practice: celery abluent, cutShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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A centimeter long paragraphs small, put lungFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Oedema scald is ripe, cut carrot small next, citric section, juice is extracted in putting the celery with carrot and good scald and lemon into juicer next can drinkable.

Carrot + rice

Skin of radiation-proof, embellish

With carrot and potatoForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
, rice mixes do staple food to eat, can calm the nerves, with stomach, filling empty, often eat carrot potato meal to have effect of radiation-proof, bright purpose, still have very good effect to the skin, it is OK to often eatForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The skin ruddy, luster.

Material: Rice, carrot, potato, lima-bean, chopped green onion, also can put some of chicken etc

Practice: Immerse rice a few hours, carrot, potato cuts small, lima-bean has immersed, chicken is cheered fry half ripe, make steam of the boiler on rice half ripe hind, the embedded rice such as carrot, potato, lima-bean, chickenLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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In, put a few walnut oil in boiler next or olive oil, frowsty 20 arrive 30 minutes can.

Carrot + potato

Raise liver, alexipharmic, be good at lienal

Add thin pancake made of millet flour of potato make it with carrot, have the effect that raises liver. Have the effect with stomach, alexipharmic, detumescence tomato patch, carrot has raise liver bright eyeSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
action, eat carrot thin pancake made of millet flour more, have very strong profit to liver, especially drunken, want to eat bit of carrot more!

Material: Potato, carrot, salt, plant is oily. Corn flour, pepper

Practice: flay of carrot, potato, brush filament, put into big basin, join corn flour. Salt, pepper, mix bake with oven after divide evenly make or add a plant to panbroil with pan make cake record, decoct 4-5 minute can, wear cole eats, taste is particularly good!

What is the practice measure of acetic bubble carrot?

Carrot + soya bean

Protect heart, open blood vessel

Phenol of the element of Mongolian oak skin that contains in carrot, camellia can increase the hematic flow of coronary artery, reduce hematic fat, the synthesis of stimulative adrenalin, have consequently fall action of blood pressure, strong cardiac. The amino acid with a variety of indispensible human body and not saturated fatty acid are contained in soya bean, can promote style inside adipose metabolization, maintain cardiovascular unobstructed, soya-bean milk of such a bowl of carrot, like?

Material: Carrot, soya bean

Practice: Xiaoding will be cut after carrot evaporate is ripe, soya bean puts soya-bean milk machine to be hit into soya-bean milk after bubble hair. Wait after been boil, carrot small Ding Fang enters soya-bean milk plane inside, boil 5 minutes again with sweet strong pattern next, make carrot molar can. Perhaps join directly drink inside soya-bean milk go down nutrient value is very good also!

Carrot + pumpkin

Fall candy, fall fat

Carrot serves as brunet vegetable, still have very strong fall candy action, diabetic person also can eat, add boiling water of pumpkin make it with carrot, little oily little salt, without the carbohydrate of tall GI, the blood sugar after won’t causing eat is elevatory. Rich cobalt still is contained in pumpkin, can promote metabolism and hematopoiesis function, diabetic to preventing have very good effect.


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